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More about my work,

I am a life long learner and my favorite part of creating is learning as I go. I am a self-taught artist so my natural curiosity informs my style and artistic direction. I am inspired by the beauty of the created world and the human experience.

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Ink Wash Illustrations

Illustr_ink&brush_4website_ 7.9.2021.png

My favorite traditional medium to work with is ink, watercolor, and pen. I appreciate the spontaneous and collaborative nature of these tools. It was here that my artistic journey began and started to blossom . . .

Broken Wing
Hello Friend!
The Grande Ride
On the Line
Sleepy Time
Elvis Duckly
Trick or Treat
Purrfectly Warm
Greetings Friend
Three Frosty Hens
Oh Christmas Tree
Birdie the Elf

Digital Art

Illustr_hand&iad_4website_ 7.9.2021.png

A desire to practically share my art with the world, helped me learn the process of digitizing my creations. I am able to work with Procreate, Fresco, and Adobe Illustrator. What started as an exploration to learn the "best" one turned into a love affair with all three. 

Beary Hot Flash
Christmas Cat and Co.
Fuzzy Friend
Eye of the Butterfly
Still (full of) Life
Make Today Awesome
Feeling Figgy
Favorite Pen
Rise and Shine

Pattern Design

Illustr_patterncupwflower_4website_ 7.9.2021.png

One exciting discovery, digital art media, led to another, surface pattern design. I love being able to apply my artwork in limitless ways to a vast range of products. 

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