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  • Lori Nass

My Very First Blog!

Hi there and welcome to my blog! I am excited to be doing this and super thankful to be sharing it with you! This space will allow me to create accountability and share what I paint each day. It will contain my thoughts, observations, processes, and inevitable frustrations as this new daily practice grows my artistic skills. Up until now, daily painting has been a beautiful thought lying stagnant in my mind. Today, the thought gives way to action! I hope that you will be inspired to begin your own daily creative practice and join me in this endeavor! "Creativity doesn't wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones." -- Bruce Garrabrandt

Without further ado, meet my first daily painting. I am a flower lover! As such, it seemed very appropriate to merge these two passions. I sipped a hot cocoa, as I watercolored this beauty into my memory. It is late October here in Missouri and the daylight hours are fleeting as lower temperatures warn of the coming winter. I just finished a plein air event this past week and was reminded of the pleasure and benefits of painting outside. I think I will grab hold of this opportunity to paint outdoors before the freezing temperatures force me inside.

Day 1 My Driveway Zinnia 6 x 6 Watercolor

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