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  • Lori Nass

Backyard Chickens

After a few days of cold, drizzly weather, the sunshine was a welcomed change. I decided to enjoy the warmth of the sun with my girls. It might not surprise you that my love for birds and nature translated into the establishment of a backyard flock of chickens. I started with 15 hens about 9 years ago and now only 3 remain. It's always a pleasure to hang out with them.

I enjoy watching them forage about inquisitively. Chickens make great gardening partners. This one is for my Black Australorp and it'll be titled "Bottoms Up".

As you can see from the photo, there's a lot happening in my chicken run. This was a good opportunity to simplify the scene. I did multiple washes to establish the shading on the watering can, and the stone that it sits upon. I enjoyed this process and the control it gave me. I may revisit the background to add some subtle whimsical line work. For now, I'll let it be.

Day 5

Bottoms Up!

My Backyard



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