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  • Lori Nass

Gouache and the Call of the Wild

Springtime is upon us and each day beckons new life from nature. I find this season wildly inspiring. The beauty that is emerging around me is a reminder to savor and nurture it in every way possible.

One of the ways I love to fully experience the great outdoors is through plein air painting. I have often wanted to learn more about gouache painting but haven't made it a priority until now thanks to the motivation of Spring. For the next month, or so, I will make it my daily practice to explore gouache. This photo represents day one, a good old color wheel. A meditative exercise which afforded me ample opportunity to create tints and shades of the primary and secondary colors, as well as experiment with the viscous nature of the medium. Happy Spring!

Materials: Holbein Artist's Gouache on Arches 140lb watercolor paper

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