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Driveway Lines

I have been looking through a book by Timothy Callaghan called One Painting a Day.

He acknowledges that no single book or instructor can teach you to paint. The instruction they provide is valuable, but we teach ourselves a lot through trial, error, and repetition. He exhorts that "the secret to success in any creative field is a dedicated work ethic". Plus, his book is filled with beautiful gouache paintings which I'd love to experiment with in the near future. I'll use this book as a framework, from time to time, to guide my daily painting adventures and push myself to paint things that I wouldn't normally seek out. Which brings us to today's painting.

Day 1 of Callaghan's book is about line.

When I started painting, the sun was at my left side and there was an extension cord lying on the ground. I was so into painting that I didn't even realize my husband was putting the cord away as I was working.

I guess we both had tunnel vision.

This painting was rather tedious but I stuck with it and soon began noticing all of the colors, highlights, and shadows tucked in and around the car and cord. Also, it was interesting how objects and colors were depicted in the reflections of the paint. Ultimately, I had fun with it and the warm sun on my neck was a wonderful added bonus!

Day 6 Driveway Lines 6x6 Watercolor

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