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  • Lori Nass

Funning Around

Most times when I paint, I have little scraps of paper nearby that I can resort to if I am testing something out. Since Gouache is a new medium to me, I wanted to share a glimpse into what sometimes results as I am exploring new techniques. This little scrap, didn't happen all at once but over the course of a painting session. It wasn't planned and serves no other purpose than allowing me a free space to try whatever I am not quite ready to put into my main painting.

I was experimenting with different dilutions of gouache, color mixing, and brush behavior. Overall, this little "side space" helps me build confidence before I commit to making a mark on my main painting. In a sense, it allows me to practice as I go. I rarely show these scraps to anyone but am a firm believer in the power of learning through play. Giving ourselves permission to explore, make mistakes, and grow through trial and error.

Day 17 Scrappy Time My Studio 4 x4 Gouache

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