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  • Lori Nass

Grandma's Garden Globe

Today's painting included some experimentation with techniques I learned while attending a wonderful art class provided by Linda Wilmes, a local artist, who I met at the Gasconade Fall Plein Air Event last week. Linda was a judge and her talent is amazing. I'm excited to be learning from her.

I experimented with saran wrap and salt to create interesting textures for the background and foreground. It was fun and tapped into a childlike sense of play. Linda encouraged me to work with three colors (i.e. winsor blue (red shade), aureolin yellow, and permanent rose). I like working with a limited palette and appreciate the color harmony that results. I will continue to use these three transparent colors and see where they take me.

Day 3

Grandma's Garden Globe

Front yard

6x6 Watercolor

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