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  • Lori Nass

Ovela's Washtub

This old washtub belonged to my grandmother. It served her well in her laundry room, and now it serves me well in the garden. I fill it with flowers, and it reminds me of the beautiful person that she was. I inherited her love of birds and flowers, and I carry in my heart the memory of her sweet, contagious laughter.

Day 23 Ovela's Washtub Back Yard 4.5 x 3 Watercolor

I had fun creating the foreground, dropping in both color and salt. Then, watching the magic of watercolor as it began to dry. I never get tired of seeing what watercolor has to contribute. In hindsight, I wish I had been heavier handed with the salt. I like how it provides a leafy texture. Overall, I am happy with it and the storybook vibe it gives me.

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