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  • Lori Nass

Sparrow on the Lookout

I took this photo while waiting in the drive-thru line at Panera. It seemed like it wasn't the first time this little bird had landed in what seemed to be the perfect spot to keep an eye on things. She swooped in from the right, flew in front of my windshield, and with precision accuracy perched atop the highest branch in the bush. She sat there, very content, as if allowing me the opportunity to take a photo. I left Panera thankful for the moment and eager to paint.

The foliage in this scene gave me ample practice in mixing a variety of greens. I paid attention to the behavior of the pigment in relation to the wetness of the paper. Specifically, how long I had to continue dropping in pigment to adjust the shading of the leaves. I also experimented with lifting highlights while the paper was still wet with a clean, damp brush. I could have continued to paint on this one for quite awhile, but tried to limit the details and use them in a more strategic way to draw attention to the focal point. I may revisit it at a later time. Thanks little sparrow!

Day 7

Sparrow on the Lookout

Panera Drive-thru



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