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  • Lori Nass

Two Spoons and a Knife

After breakfast this morning, I snapped a quick photo of our utensils. I noticed the shadows and thought it would be a great study to learn from. It certainly was!

Day 18 Utensils Panera 5.5 x 3 Watercolor

Initially, I observed the subject in person and was able to block in a first wash noting basic value differences. There were two sources of light, the window on the left and yellow overhead lighting. Also, reflected light from both the utensils and the white dinnerware was adding even more interest to the scene. I used only two colors, windsor blue (red shade) and QoR transparent pyrrole orange for everything and added a little aureolin yellow glaze at the end. I opted not to add as much yellow, since the camera depicted much more in the photo than was actually observable in reality. I enjoyed working with a limited palette and was amazed to see how much variety and color I could actually achieve even though limited. Overall, it was enjoyable and much more challenging than I initially anticipated. I will definitely be trying silverware again in the future.

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